Operation Rebuild Hope  – Founded in 2016

Mission Statement:

  • Operation Rebuild Hope is dedicated to improving the quality of life for veterans and their families in Southwest Oregon by preventing possible homelessness through conducting home repairs and improvements and engaging veterans in the building process.

Vision Statement:

Every veteran in Southwest Oregon will have a safe and stable built environment and feel engaged with and supported by the community.

Guiding Principles:

– Promoting informed practices for veterans who have experienced trauma; PTSD, mental health, addictions, and housing.
– Everyone can operate in their strengths.
– Operation Rebuild Hope operates as a family.
– Every veteran we encounter stays connected.
– Every veteran has a purpose.
– Healing happens through service.
– Veterans understand other veterans and can help them best.
– We foster a spirit of servanthood.
– Housing first.

"Rebuilding hope in Veterans lives by serving those who served us."
We did it Coos County!! Restoring light (Life) into the house is the same as the Light we want to restore to the Veterans in our Community. With your help it brings light into the dark places us Veterans go. Where light exist, darkness cannot.