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Veterans make up roughly 7% of the total population of the United States yet make up 12% of the homeless population. That’s 120,000 people and of those roughly 50,000 go without housing every night.

Operation Bryan’s Home

Future Operation Bryan's HomeWhere some people see a possible haunted house……we see veteran housing. Put some tiny homes in the back and use the veterans staying there to renovate the main house. Teaching them a skill at the same time providing them with housing and having veterans providing housing for more veterans. Be their address, rental history, job reference, save up a deposit on their own place ultimately re-integrating them into society. Hand up not a hand out. But we can’t do it alone. We have all the resources and people in this area to make it happen.

With your generous donations you can be part of making Bryan’s Home a place for your community veterans to live, work and heal!

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