Operation Rebuild Hope

operation rebuild hope

Levahna Denichenko

Case Manager

I am the Case Manager for Operation Rebuild Hope. I work with the clients in Bryan’s Home and The Den, as well as clients who come to us for assistance,whatever the need.

I was adopted as a baby and my family moved to North Bend in 1981. I have known since I was that young that I wanted to work in social services. I graduated from NBHS in1987 (TGWB!) and left for college. After college, I stayed in the Salem area (other than a two year adventure to Missouri) working with a variety of clients. I worked with teenagers in a residential setting, DHS Child Welfare, adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities and with the local Community Action Agency with families who were unable to pay their bills and needed help.

I returned to Coos County in 2015, with my husband, to be a support to my mom who was dealing with health issues. In 2021, I was able to begin working at Operation Rebuild Hope. This agency has been a blessing to me and my family. They were able to help my husband and I when we needed it. It has also provided me with a way to say “Thank you” to the many veterans in my life (husband, father, brother, friends), as well as in our community.