Operation Rebuild Hope

operation rebuild hope

Our Work

Our work is centered on our goal to combat veteran homelessness and suicide and to provide real, immediate solutions. Each of our programs are designed to meet local veterans wherever they are in their housing journey, whether that be in providing temporary housing, or assisting with or providing permanent solutions. Our programs offer support in the areas most needed and include important services like application assistance, job skills and references, drug and alcohol support, mental health services and programs and more.


Emergency Housing (30 – 90 days)

honor 22


Raising awareness for veteran suicide and mental health

bryan's home
Temporary Housing (2 years)
Bryans Home
Permanent Tiny Homes

Providing opportunities for our vets to explore the great outdoors

veteran housing

Help veterans experiencing homelessness find The support they need.

ORH and our partners have fully transitioned 23 veterans from homeless to housed since 2016.