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bryan's home

Bryan's Home

Temporary Housing (2 years)

Bryan’s Home is named after Lance Corporal Bryan Pahl Bertrand, United States Marine Corps. Bryan graduated from Marshfield High School in Coos Bay, OR and was a good friend of our founder Patrick Wright.

He was the first casualty of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan from Oregon. The crash of RADR 04 claimed the lives of 7 of our nation’s heroes including another Oregon resident, Captain Mathew Bancroft, and the first female casualty of the war, Sergeant Jeanette Winters.

Bryan Bertrand was a good friend and man and this community will always remember him.

The Bertrand family was very active in this build and Bryan’s parents Bruce and Patty are part of our board.

What is on the property?

Inside the Home (8 rooms)

On the property - In progress

Services we provide:

Job related skills

Personal skills​

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